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COMMANDO JOE’S is not only a hugely passionate organisation, but it's highly experienced at delivering evidence based impact driven interventions in all types of schools across the country.

Their whole ethos is based around a whole school approach, they believe that parental engagement, whole school buy in and giving children a lust for learning, coupled with a thematic approach to the curriculum ensures success!

Commando Joe's support thousands of schools across the country, in areas of high deprivation or schools in affluent areas. Regardless of status they design a bespoke programme for every single school they work with, this ensures success and impact, supporting with school improvement plans and reviewing the impact each term, they are able to support and improve the educational outcomes for all pupils regardless of their background or challenges.

The intended outcomes for Ribbon are:

  • Commando Joe’s will provide resources and challenges for all children in all year groups;
  • Commando Joe’s commit to an instructor once a week for the duration of the school year;
  • Commando Joe’s provides ongoing support for staff.